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A little bit about John Scoular

JOHN SCOULAR is an Emmy Award winning Director/Producer/Cinematographer. With three films currently in distribution his company Manta Films is set on the fourth feature film.

John started his career in N.Y. as an actor before moving to Los Angeles where he honed his writing & directing skills. John wrote and directed several stage plays, as well as award winning short films before deciding to go back to film school.

John is a graduate of  The Los Angeles Film School where he majored in Directing, Cinematography & Screenwriting. Upon graduating with honors John Directed his first feature film from his original screenplay. “Lunatics, Lovers & Poets”. The film won 6 awards including “Best Screenplay”, “Best Feature”, “Best Director”… The award winning film was released in theaters through Carmike Cinemas and continues to sell on Amazon both on DVD & VOD.

Looking for a change of scenery; John and his Producer wife Madeline packed up the kids and opened up shop in beautiful Naples, Fl. For the past 5 years John has been continuously telling stories in Documentaries, Commercials & aerial photography. Even though Naples, Fl is now home, John is still hired to shoot and direct around the country or wherever the story will take him.  As narrative filmmaking is still his first love he has two feature screenplays ready to go both set in SW Florida. Most recently John just released his third feature exclusively on vimeo on demand with iTunes and Amazon following in the coming months, the documentary is about NY artist Marcus Jansen entitled “Marcus Jansen: Examine and Report. The film was shot in London, New York, Miami.

Why I love what I do

I love to create.  Everyday I have the opportunity to create something new alongside my wife. That’s pretty cool. Every job is different. I’m on a boat one day 50 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico, then next I’m hanging out of an R-44 helicopter doing aerials. Flying to AZ, CA or the Bahamas. Or directing actors whom I love. Everyday is a chance to get better.

Somehow we’ve managed to carve out a creative life, my wife and I. And that’s just alright.

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I shoot on Water

John Shoots on water and underwater and above the water.



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