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John Scoular

Scoular started his career in N.Y. as an actor before moving to Los Angeles where he honed his writing & directing skills. John wrote and directed several stage plays, as well as award winning short films before deciding to go back to film school.John is a graduate of The Los Angeles Film School where he majored in Directing, Cinematography & Screenwriting.

Upon graduating with honors John Directed his first feature film from his original screenplay. “Lunatics, Lovers & Poets”. The film won 6 awards including “Best Screenplay”, “Best Feature”, “Best Director”… The award winning film was released in theaters through Carmike Cinemas and continues to sell on Amazon both on DVD & VOD.

2016 was a busy year for Director John Scoular completing two feature length documentary films. Paradise Reef for PBS and the award winning Marcus Jansen: Examine & Report.

John’s Production company is Manta Films, with Executive Producer Madeline Smith Scoular the company has produced 3 feature films and hundreds of hours of video content for it’s clients.

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